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A growing concern interview

This interview is about what we need to do to make democracy work. There is much we need to change, we will not get them done if we continue to expect the same people to do anything other than what they have always done. 

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The future for America is the Progressive Democratic Party



We have a dilemma, we know the type of people we want to represent us, but the system, by this I mean the money that runs our politics, limits our ability to reach enough people to elect independent progressive officials.  I have learned during my campaign that if you aren’t rich or famous or take big money you will not be able to get the visibility you need to share your vision and present who you are.

We need to find progressive voices that we can support. Trump was elected with less than 25% of eligible voters. By a large margin neither party is supported by those 35 years old and younger. There is finally a third party that is emerging that is clearly the party of the future; The Progressive Democratic Party. This party is a coalition of Democrats that fought for Bernie, first time voters, millennials, seniors who worry about their future, union workers, people of color, the LGBTQ community, Independents, progressives, Non-Affiliated voters, Green Party and even Republicans that are disgusted with the hate and divisiveness of the current president. This powerful coalition represents an overwhelming majority of Americans.  All that is needed is for the right leader to emerge. There are several qualified individuals that can lead this party. It’s not Bernie’s party or Warren’s; it’s not Hillary’s or Joe’s and it is not the current Democratic Party, it is the future. 

The Time To Act is NOW



WE MUST change our congress to address the will of the people. It doesn’t matter whose poll you want to believe it is clear that the vast majority of Americans demand that we Make Healthcare a HUMAN RIGHT. Yet not a single meaningful piece of legislation will ever get passed as long as we keep the same paid off politicians. WE MUST elect true Independent Progressives to Congress. Please take a moment to join me with your financial support to elect the only independent to congress other than Bernie in 1990. We will make it clear that the PEOPLE are going to change the country. We will do it by changing the Congress. They are not part of the solution, they are the problem.   Use the one power we still have OUR VOTE.   


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Healthcare for All


In a country as rich as the United States, blessed with talented medical professionals, world-class hospitals and research institutes, and an almost unparalleled capacity for technological innovation, the lack of universal health coverage should be a national scandal. It is all the more scandalous given the extremely high cost of the US health care system, which takes up 17.1 percent of Gross National Product. This is 40 percent higher than the average for high-income countries, but the heavy reliance on private financing leads to severe inefficiencies and inequalities within the system. Around a third of health expenditure is spent on administrative costs rather than infrastructure or patient care.  

Oregon: Lost Jobs, Rising Inequality Under NAFTA


 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was negotiated behind closed doors with hundreds of official corporate advisors. NAFTA’s proponents promised it would improve the U.S. trade balance with Mexico and Canada, create 200,000 American jobs per year in its first five years, and raise wages here and in Mexico. Twenty-three years later, there are more than 910,000 specific  U.S. jobs certified as lost to NAFTA under just one narrow government program. Candidate Trump said he would make NAFTA “much better” for working people by reducing the deficit and creating American jobs.   

But the administration's current approach falls far short of what would be "much better" — with no discussion of labor and environmental standards that are any better than those in the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  A Replaced NAFTA, including such standards, including no special corporate litigation rights, and including meaningful worker-rights and wage gains for Mexican workers, would be the right step for our nation and the three-nation zone.

Reversing Climate Change


  The United States must lead the world in tackling climate change. If we are to make certain that this planet is habitable for our children and grandchildren we must transform our energy system away from polluting fossil fuels, and towards energy efficiency and sustainability. To limit the most damaging impacts of climate change, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally. Early action to reduce emissions – here and elsewhere – can help reduce future costs. Investment in and development of low-carbon technologies will put the US at the forefront of new and expanding global markets.  It will take more than just legislation to ensure we tackle the problem. Change will involve a combination of new technologies, processes and human behavior. The US will need to prepare for more flooding, greater pressure on water resources, damage to natural habitats, and risks to human health from heat waves.   This is the only course of action that we can take to assure the survival of the planet and to protect the lives of our children for generations to come.

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Repeal Citizens United


 The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. completely changed the landscape of American elections. It further established the legal basis for the idea that “corporations are people” and opened the door for billionaires and special interests to spend unlimited, untraceable money in America’s elections. It's time to fight back. 

Join the Move To Amend.

Raising the Minimum Wage


 Millions of Americans are working for totally inadequate wages. We must ensure that no full-time worker lives in poverty. The current federal minimum wage is starvation pay and must become a living wage. We must increase it to $15 an hour over the next several years.  We support Bernie's campaign to stand up for higher wages for American workers. 

Economic Justice


  It's a set of moral principles for building economic institutions to create opportunity for each person to create a sufficient material foundation upon which to have a dignified, productive, and creative life. The goal is to remedy income inequality and to provide funds for social services, public infrastructure, and education. Earned income credit, affordable housing, and need-based federal financial aid for college students are other examples of economic justice institutions.  

About Marc

Union Affiliation

Our unions have been under attack for the past 30 years. We need to support workers rights, rebuild apprenticeship programs and rebuild the middle class by empowering our trade and service unions to force equitable profit sharing in our corporate kingdoms. 

Former member: 

Oil Chemical and Atomic Workers Union (OCAW disbanded in 1999)

American Postal Workers Union.  (APWU) 

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

Professional Experience

35 years in Private and Public companies.  · Positions include VP for Scudder Funds, VP for New England Funds and Director at Fidelity.  · Recent Director for Grass Valley in Hillsboro, Oregon.  · Ran Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Bethesda MD working with Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Navy, US Air Force and The World Bank.  · Learned how government contracts are awarded, and how to work with the Small Business Administration.  · Project Manager in Washington DC Create program to teach homeland security officers how not to lose their guns.· Taught H.S. as a Vocational Drafting Instructor. · B S. Industrial Education, State University of New York: City College S.F.: Construction Technology · Graduate studies at WPI: Management Science, Boston University: Human Resource Development      


I am a child of the 60's.  I grew up believing in the American Dream.  You go to college get a good job, raise a family and retire with a pension. I hoped that my children's' life would be better than mine.  The dream has been replaced with fear for the future of our planet, our children are burdened with huge college debt, quality healthcare is only for the rich and there is uncertainty about the future of Social Security. 

I am dedicating myself to working to restore the progressive values that most Americans support.

I was born on a chicken farm north of NYC. Attended public school in Huntington, NY. Was married for 38 years.  I have two sons.


I have been a published artist, self-published author, and on rare occasion stand up comic.

I reside in Portland on a 36 foot Power boat along with my golden retriever (Harry).

My Blog

I will be posting my thoughts on a number of subjects that are a concern for all of us who care about achieving our progressive agenda

Articles and Information

Marc Koller Press Release (docx)


Replace NAFTA points in brief (docx)


The Single Payer Army Can Lead The Way (docx)


Lack of Healthcare is a National Scandal. (docx)


Health Care for All Oregon: A Primer (pdf)


Combating Climate Change to Save the Planet (docx)


Creating Jobs Rebuilding America by Senator Bernie Sanders (docx)


We Must End Global Oligarchy: by Bernie Sanders (docx)




Fox News Poll Trump Approval Drops to New Low (docx)


‘‘HR 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act’’ (pdf)


Independent Party Platform on Healthcare (pdf)


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We  have a choice for a single-payer healthcare system, HR 676. The challenge is to speak out,  by joining a loud national voice to demand it be done.  Write or call your congressional members now.  

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